#WCORL – Write Better Documentation

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Speaker: Jeff Matson
Twitter: @TheJeffMatson
Website: jeffmatson.net

Why write documentation?

  • Support ticket reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase Traffic
  • Converts to sales

Good documentation shows you care. Helps the support reps. No more need to repeatedly write the same solutions, a link to the docs suffices.

How to get the most from it

  • Use Visuals
    More likely to get a support customer to go through the process of fixing it themselves. Helps reduce support rep phone time.
  • Write it in the simplest way you can, write like you’re explaining to 5 year olds.
  • Make sure you to keep it up to date
  • Target search engines (leads to more traffic)
  • Allow for comments
    this can drive (voluntary!) community support, further reducing load for your support reps
  • User-Submitted Documentation
    Helps all the people. Exposure for the submitter, additional traffic for your website.
  • Overlapping keywords
    People searching for support with competing plugins can come across your documentation. Leads to the impression that your plugin is better and sale conversion as a result.

How do you get people to submit documentation?
– Give them an incentive to do so. For example, Inmotion may offer perks like swag, hosting, etc.

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