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#wcorl 2015: Let WordPress Speak to Your Users: Introducing wp.a11y.speak()

Longest. Title. Ever. You may be here now because you saw my talk and want a little more background information. Maybe you’ve just stumbled on this post because you’re looking for more information about wp.a11y.speak. If it’s the latter, I’d like to refer you to the official announcement post here: Let WordPress Speak: New in WordPress 4.2. If it’s the former, welcome! And thank you for choosing to attend my talk early on a Saturday morning. The full slides for the presentation can be found here: Slides for Let WordPress Speak: Introducting wp.a11y.speak(). I will update this post with a video once it becomes available. Apparently shit happened and no video is available for my talk. :<

If there’s anything unclear about my presentation, or if you just have any questions about this. Just let me know! If you want to help make WordPress better, come join us on Slack! It’ll be the #accessibility channel on the main WordPress. You can sign up through here: Sign up for the WordPress Slack on https://make.wordpress.org/chat/. If you’d like to know more about ARIA, there’s an overview about ARIA here: WAI-ARIA Overview. If you want to read the full spec, there’s a link for that too: WAI-ARIA spec 1.0.