Mission Complete!


Phase 2 of 2



With all your papers you must enter US territory, obtain your visa and come out alive.


And off I went, without my phone. Things started out with the fact that I had missed the train I had the directions printed out for. The doctor is near the consulate and I remembered how to get there from Schiphol, so I decided to take that route and hope for the best. By the time I arrived at the Museumplein in Amsterdam I had no idea what time it was and whether I was still on time. Finding the consulate posed no challenge, as the large gate and American flag sort of gave it away.

So I arrived and only three other people were waiting in line. Moments later one of the guards came up and asked who stopped by for an immigrant visa. I was the only one from the people in line and he let me pass to head into a small white guard post. As they searched my bag and asked me questions about why I was there and what the hell my Tool keychain was(I must admit, it does look like a cult symbol), they made me go through a metal detector before letting me in and telling me to go to window 5.

When I came in, however, the only windows that were in direct line of sight were windows 1 through 4. Windows 5 through 8 were off down a little hall on the right in a separate room. Which, coincidentally, made up the entire public area of the consulate with the room I was in. There were more people waiting in this room(A couple, a young guy and an elderly person). Despite the fact that I got in last, I was called to the window first where I handed over all the required documents and provided them with my fingerprints. All seemed to be in order and I was asked to wait. A while later I was called to window 6 to talk to the guy handling the interviews.

It started off with him making sure I was still who I said I was by asking my name and birth date. This fluently flowed into a barrage of questions about me(What is your profession, what did you graduate in) and the relationship(When did you start dating, when did you get engaged) and finally questions to assure that I was going to get married to Anais and Anais alone within the time set for it(6 months to use the visa to get into America, then 90 days to get married). And then…
“Congratulations, you’ll get your passport with the visa back in seven months days.”. He said, laughing as he walked away.


On to mission 3: Wedding.

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  1. Geez, I got interrogated by the american’s when I wanted to come into the netherlands =/. The dutch were like “welcome”. I must’ve caught the lady who had a very bad day xD. I’m glad it went alright with you! Especially after having missed the first train :shock: . Gasp!

  2. Haha, yeah. I guess I got lucky and got the guy in a good mood. Travelling without my phone, and thus without music or any way to check things on the internets, was a pretty interesting experience though. Especially when I did miss that train. Good thing I somewhat know how to get to places by train >.>.

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