Sometimes I will have fun ideas that result into something worth sharing. Below are a handful of those things, some small, some not, and some new and some old. And so while they are an indication of what I’ve been able to do, I do not actively maintain them to keep them up to date with new standards and mileage may vary.

  • Boardgame Collector

    A relatively simple project to help get used to using Typescript and NextJS in the T3 stack. Currently, it has:

    • Basic authentication with Github and Google through
    • Simple collection tracking for authenticated users
    • Score helper for Honshu, with more planned

    Find the Boardgame Collector on Github

  • Custom Image Metabox

    An example project in WordPress plugin form. Feel free to modify and abuse it however you like.

    What it does, in essence, is define a metabox that will let you add a secondary image to a post or page. It does this in the same way the current featured image box does (ie. through the WordPress media library).

    Find the Custom Image Metabox on GitHub

  • Gravity Forms SSN Field

    A very tiny plugin that does only one thing: It adds a field to Gravity Forms that will allow you to collect the last four digits of an American Social Security number more easily. While you could use a regular text or number field for this, this field makes it more clear that you are, in fact, asking for the last four digits. It will also do some basic validation for you to ensure that the input is indeed a number.

    Beyond this, not a whole lot more to say about it. And I hope this is needless to say, but please do be careful with the personal data you collect.

    Find the Gravity Forms SSN field on GitHub

  • Read Back Comments

    Hi! This plugin will only work for a few select browsers. Mainly because it uses the Speech Synthesis API. For the full effect, you will want to come back on one of these browsers that support speechSynthesis,, opens in a new window.. At this time, that’s Chrome, Safari 9+, and Opera. With some tweaking, the button can be enabled in Firefox as well, but you’ll want to make sure to completely restart the browser and results may vary. So if you’re not on any of these browsers, please switch. You’re not going to get anything out of this otherwise. I’ll wait here.

    Alright, are you on a browser that supports the Speech Synthesis API? Great! So, what this plugin does is add an additional button to the WordPress comment form that will allow you to “read back” your comment before you post it. Nice and simple.

    It will let you, almost literally, listen to yourself, an XKCD comic (will open in a new window). If you heeded my warning at the top of the post and swapped to a supported browser, this post should have that very button for you to play with!

    This one’s just for fun, while the a11y applications are potentially there, I’d probably use a live-region to do it instead.

    Find the Read Back Comments repository on Github.

  • Post Series Manager

    Our first plugin. A collaboration between Alexis Soucie and myself.

    This plugin will help you manage and display post series more easily. You’ll be able to create/assign series and display other posts in the series.

    It consists of a custom taxonomy (post-series) and two shortcodes post_series_block and post_series_nav.

    It can be downloaded from Github or simply installed through the WordPress plugin repository.

    Frequently Asked Questions about this plugin.