The more or less inevitable “Things I’m looking forward to” post

We’re now about three weeks away from my departure and I’ve promised that I’d post about the things I’m actually looking forward to(Crazy, I know!). I’ve not added the blatant “Getting married, starting a life etc.”, because, you know, that’s a given. So without further ado and in no particular order. The list!

  • Free refills!
    Almost good enough to replace the void of stroopwafels. Almost.
  • Netflix, Hulu and the like
    It’s such a simple concept, yet so brilliant.
  • Earlier access to other online services(Or at all, for that matter)
    Specifically of the Google variety, like Voice and Music, neither of which are fully available over here
  • Better release dates, usually
    It’s only a few days, usually, but I’ll take whatever victory I can!
  • Better weather, mostly
    No more snow, no hail, higher temperatures overall. Hurricane-season though. @.@
  • A new job!
    I’ve worked at the same place for almost 3 years, and they were great. A new job will certainly be an interesting change of pace.
  • Explore the US further
    It’s pretty friggin expensive to get to the US to begin with, but there’s plenty I’d like to see and now I’ve got a chance to!

And that’s it. Nothing too fancy. Ironically, some of the things on this list will be things that may inevitably kill me at some point. <3