Dazed and Confused

So a few weeks have passed since our petition was approved. In the mean time I have received instructions on how to apply for the visa and have followed them thus far.

First step involved filling out a biographic form(Again) and two other forms. The instructions let me know that I am to complete and return them immediately. So I did.

Step two involves some sort of scavenger hunt for forms(Passport, birth certificate, photographs, evidence of relationship, evidence of support etc).

Then step three tells me that, once I’ve completed their scavenger hunt, I am to sign and date a stub and return it with the check list to the consular’s office. The key here is this part:

“After the form has been returned to this office, you will be scheduled for a medical examination and a visa interview at the earliest possible date”

Today I received two envelopes. One contained the rest of the instructions I already had and the aforementioned scavenger hunt check list. No surprise there.┬áThe other envelope contains a letter that basically says my interview will be on November 7 along with instructions on the medical I need to do. Now here’s what confuses me, how am I scheduled for an interview when I haven’t even returned the check list?