Day 10 – And now we play the waiting game

Between 7 and 10 days seems an awfully short time when it’s really 4. They did take their sweet time sending the I-797 we were expecting. Apparently they received it on the 6th, the notice date is the 10th and the official notice arrived today.

Ah well, I’m not complaining. At least things are moving :). Our guesstimated NOA2 date is between October 16 and November 4, about 5 months from now. Untill then, it’s fingers crossed and waiting patiently.

Day 6 – The eagle has landed. And quickly moved on.

Today we received an e-mail notification that our petition has arrived safely and has been forwarded to the Vermont Service Center for processing. In about 7-10 days we’ll receive a form “I-797”, which is basically a Notice of Action form. This will have our NOA1 date on it, with which we can take an educated guess at what our NOA2(Approval or denial of the petition) date will be. At the time of writing, the Vermont Service Center is currently processing petitions with a NOA1 date of November 30 2010 so they’re a good 5.5 month behind. If all goes well, I’m guessing the NOA2 will come in around November of this year. Possibly even in December.

Immigration! (Or should that be emigration?)

So, it begins. We’re about to set the first step of a long and bureaucratic journey that is the K-1 Visa. That is to say, we’ve filled out the I-129F form as well as an G-325A form each. Before sending in these forms we’re going to ensure that everything is filled out correctly and that we have suitable proof that shows we’ve met in the past two years.

Continuation of this journey includes, but is not limited to, obtaining a marriage license, an adjustment of status and a request for unconditional permanent residency. Beyond that, it is still pretty unclear what is expected of me. I know I will need at least a US social security number before I can do anything, so I will probably need to get right on that after we’re married.

Updates will be posted as they come. Lets first hope the visa request is approved and that we can get married without too much trouble.